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We believe that access to quality healthcare should be a fundamental right for all.

That is why we offer a diverse range of medical products, including state-of-the-art medical supplies and devices, pharmaceuticals, laboratory reagents, and essential care and dry food products.

Products list

  • Pharmaceuticals

    • Medical Devices: 

    Medical equipment 

    Surgical instruments 

    Hospital furniture 

    Water treatment/filtration 

    Oxygen plants 

    • Medical Supplies: 

    Medical Supplies Sterile 

    Medical Supplies Sterile non-sterile 

    • Diagnostics and reagents: 


    Test kits 

    Reagents for microscopy 

    • Food: 

    All shelf-life stable products 

    • Hygiene: 

    General hygiene for woman, men, and children 

    • Kits: 

    Medical supplies personalized kits 

    Pharmaceuticals personalized kits 

    Hygiene personalized kits 

    Food personalized kits 

    • Emergency items: 


    Sleeping bags 



    If you cannot find your product category in the list, please contact us.