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Who we are

Dutch wholesaler

We are a Dutch wholesaler dedicated to the export of high quality Medical products to private companies, NGO's and Governments worldwide, with a short lead time.

Team of professionals

We form an experienced team of professionals with a large network inside and outside of Europe, with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and Medical industry.

Many years of experience

Our professionals have years of experience working with NGO's, private market and with the ministry of health in various countries.

What we do

We are a company dedicated to the export of European Medical products to our customers all over the world.   

We have a widespread background and network within the industries; namely, with manufacturers in various countries, and with local partners, for example: suppliers, agents, distributors, trade companies, relief organizations and with government. Due to the above we are able to say with certainty that we have a proven track record with strong and positive results and we're able to provide our customers with a high-quality level of service on the following points: 

  • Sourcing 
  • Supply Chain management 
  • Supporting on medical and pharmaceutical projects 
  • Logistic services and distribution 

Inter-Supply's primary goal is to supply efficient solutions that complies with the needs of our customers.  

For this reason our team is the best choice for customers worldwide, working with a flexible range of service and products including: 

  • All generics, in injectable, tablet and solution forms. 
  • Special medicines registered in Europe. 
  • Food supplements. 
  • Cosmetic and body care products. 
  • Reagents and diagnostics. 
  • Medical devices, furniture supplies. 

Why us

  • Because we can supply a single box to full containers.

  • Because we can consolidate products from different manufacturers in one consignment.
  • Because we have a large network in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.
  • Because we have a exceptionally experienced Supply Chain team and for this reason we guarantee a high quality service.
  • Because we have experience working with different kind of customers: NGO, Private companies and governments.
  • Because we can source all your needed products, following your specifications.
  • Because we're transparent about our products and services.
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The Netherlands

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